Fortnite’s most helpful car must die

Fortnite has had a sordid historical past with autos over the past couple of seasons. Throughout season 7 the issue was the X-Four Stormwing, a flying battering ram that wreaked havoc in each recreation. Now, in season eight, the Baller has taken its place because the vehicular supply of frustration in FortniteFortnite Battle Royale Android APK 

The Baller was added to Fortnite in patch eight.10, the primary replace after season eight started. The car is a glass sphere with a chair inside and a suction cup gun mounted to the entrance. Gamers can’t fireplace from contained in the Baller however can shoot the suction cup gun to grapple their technique to something they hit. The Baller additionally has boosters which, mixed with the suction cup grapple, can be utilized to propel it throughout the map at excessive speeds. When contained in the Baller, gamers are fully shielded from harm till it’s destroyed.

To assist relieve gamers’ frustrations, Epic launched a hotfix on Thursday morning that takes the Baller’s well being from 300 all the way down to 200. It’s a considerable change that ought to assist ease Baller-related complaints, nevertheless it isn’t sufficient to cease it from being overpowered.

The Baller is essentially the most helpful car Epic has ever added to Fortnite, and that’s precisely the issue. The Baller might solely be a glass ball with a suction cup connected to the entrance, nevertheless it has the power to place gamers in a number of locations they couldn’t usually attain, and it retains them secure whereas doing it.

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